The World in Summary

The known world of Isaryn is only a portion of the planet as a whole. Not much is known of the ancient history, but there was an empire that spanned most of the world and had advanced technology. Nobody knows the extent of their technology, but in the last century or so, a few advances have occurred that historians think were some of the simplest things that the ancients had. The rediscovery of gunpowder, muskets and pistols. Bombs and grenades as well. And the latest is the steam engine. It has not been put to use in any wide application, but they are beginning to pop up, more and more.

The powers and kingdoms in the known world are wide and varied. The human nations are by far the most wide ranged and varied. The kingdoms of the dwarves, the elves, and other powers are not to be dismissed though.

The nations in the known world are:

Kaliryn – The human nation with the greatest respect, reach, and wealth of all the kingdoms of the known world. While the majority of the population is human, there are most definitely significant numbers of other races that reside in various places in the kingdom.

Dashi – The Dashi Empire is of a similar power to some of the greater kingdoms, however with a touch of isolationist and xenophobia, this power has not extended its reach as far as it could. While their military is one of the smallest, it is also one of the best trained.

Uridor – The military state of Uridor is far to the south, against the Icecliff mountain range. While they do claim a large stretch of land, much of the land is hard to farm and inhospitable. They are technologically the most advanced, with the bulk of their military armed with muskets and pistols. They are also a major producer of gunpowder and their engineers are considered some of the most knowledgeable in the known world.

Adaris – The magocratic city state of Adaris sits on the coast of the Crescent Sea. It is a major trade hub and much of their technology is powered by magic. They are also very well known for their contracts and extremely strict laws.

Myrwatha – The Elven kingdom of Myrwatha takes the entirety of the forest peninsula called the Mor Rood, or as humans tend to call it, the Mor Wood. The elves happily trade with anyone, but aside from a few border towns, outsiders are strongly encouraged not to venture into elven territory.

Krathiran Empire – The dwarven empire extends all through the Icecliffs and most of the way through the Barrier Peaks. Their empire has many entrances into the Underdark which are very heavily guarded. The Krathiri Dwarves are mechanical masters who have a rivalry with the Uridoran Engineers. They are further advanced with the steam engine than the other kingdoms, and have an extensive steam powered tunnel system.

The Halfling Tribes – There are two distinct groups of Halflings, each one separated by the Barrier Peaks. The western tribes take a large portion of the plains that lay between Adaris and Uridor. They have a more civilized take on a hunter gatherer society and are accomplished merchants. The Jungle tribes live far to the east of the known world. They are more xenophobic and are known for their taming of behemoths.

The World in Summary

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